Victory on one piece of (double-sided) paper

Note: this rule is currently not recommended (see below).

This experimental victory system simply takes the standard RAW victory system and adds a set of "high-watermark" objectives. The high water-mark objectives are objectives that the Axis are expected to shoot for but not necessarily hold by the end of the game. Generally speaking, you need to hold a high water-mark objective for a certain # of turns to receive full value for it.

The Axis expected victory totals are adjusted upwards to reflect the need to go for these high-watermarks. Historically, the Axis pursued a more "balanced" high water-mark, capturing Oslo and Athens as well as pushing into Russia. Following this system, you can try for an all-out push into Russia, into England, towards the south, or whatever.

There is also an optional layer that adds "National Objectives". National objectives are more general objectives specific to each country. They add historical flair and you'll even notice a few little tweaks that use the victory system to discourage (without disallowing) certain gambits.

This is obviously highly experimental (especially the National objectives) so I am eager to get play-testers outside of our little group. Especially for something so fundamental as "how to win?". Please send me a message if you end up trying it.

- Pablonius

List of changes
- 0.51: Added "in-supply" to all the unit-in-a-country national objectives. Also, China's kick-Japan-out-of-China is a 3-turn objective now.

Download it here: WIF victory-in-a-page.pdf

Updated September 29, 2009 - Not recommended without further development

Our group's recent play-testing of this house-rule revealed numerous problems. In particular, denying specific objectives was too easily exploited. Focusing on specific objectives was a mistake and was too easily abused. For now, we do not recommend playing this rule without substantial redevelopment. For now, this project is on the back-burner but if others are interested in further exploring the idea, let me know.

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