The "Oops, I'm Out Of Supply!" Exploit

How it works

  • You're invading England. You're ashore on a secure beachhead.
  • At the end of the turn, return your naval units to base, and "Ooops, I'm out of supply!". By denying supply to your units in England, you do not provide the +0.25 PM bonus for "in-supply units in your home country".

Why it's an exploit

It obviously violates the spirit of what the PM bonus is supposed to represent— namely that your home country is under grievous threat so everyone works a little harder to produce guns and stuff. The threat doesn't disappear because the enemy temporarily puts themselves out of supply (which no sane enemy would do).

This tactic is even more effective if you don't play with isolated reorganization. Often times, it's not even that dangerous because either England is on their heels, or because you go first anyway and reestablish supply right away.

We watched Rader use this exploit to great effect during his many Sea Lions.

How can it be fixed?

Play with our house rule.

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