Stalin's War

Replace notes (d) and (e) on the Production Multiples chart (the Russian "City bonuses") with the following:

(d) +0.25 if Germany declares war on Russia or from 1942 onwards (whichever comes first)
(e) +0.25 from 1943 onwards if Minsk or Kiev are Russian controlled.


There are several variants of "Stalin's War" floating around the ether but this is the one that seems to have gained widest acceptance. The much-maligned "city bonuses" have often been criticized for essentially forcing Germany into attacking Russia every game or risk Russia becoming a monster and destroying them in the late game. On the other hand, the optional rule "Hitler's War" (AKA "Hitler Wins") encourages endless Sealions or, even worse, the dreaded "Sitz" strategy. Hitler's War makes Russia a lot weaker especially if they are not attacked.

Stalin's War is somewhere in the middle. Russia will be stronger in the medium-term regardless of Hitler's chosen strategy but eventually, Germany must deal with Russia or they will become too strong. In essence, this rule gives Germany a "window" to explore other strategies in 41-42 but the confrontation with Communism is inevitable. Does Germany launch a late-Barbarossa to gain defensive lines and bloody the bear? Or do they ignore the gathering storm?

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