Simple Oil Rule

Version 3.1
Updated Oct. 16th, 2009

Impulse-by-impulse oil consumption

Updated from the 2008 Annual!

The 2008 WIF Annual included a rule called the "Simple Oil rule". That rule was actually an update of an oil rule that we developed to help speed up gameplay while still maintaining the strategic importance of oil. In our original version, saved oil markers were removed to pay for actions. Actions would cost between 0 and 2 saved oil markers depending on your country and previous impulse choices. It worked reasonably well (especially in Con settings where speedy play was important). However, it suffered from some big limitations: the numbers weren't granular enough which limited the flexibility of the system, a sitz was too cheap, and you could too easily manipulate your action choices to limit consumption of oil.

Nevertheless, Harry Rowland was sufficiently impressed with the version that he played at WIFCon that he updated it for inclusion in the 2008 Annual and took advantage of the numbered Factories-in-Flames markers to allow partial oil consumption. Overnight, the granularity issue had been solved. However, we started to notice new problems:
- oil consumption was much higher than the original rule and well out of line with RAW oil.
- on the other hand, it was possible to get away with spending *no* oil if you chose to do no offensive action.
The combination of these two factors encouraged too much passivity. Players would forgo risky/low-percentage moves and save oil instead.

But rather than ditch it, we took Harry's version and updated it again to try and iron out the bugs. After several games of playtesting, I am pleased to say that our newest version appears to have recaptured the spirit of the original. Among some of the changes:
- oil costs are cheaper to start but climb steadily starting in 1941 (this is no longer optional)
- deleted most of the "oil-saving" options.
- only neutral major powers spend no oil.

The new version forces everyone (except neutrals) to spend oil steadily and gives you no incentive to stay passive. It also increases the penalties for being out of oil so don't run out! OTOH, the costs are a bit cheaper so you won't break the bank using normal play.

Download it here: Simple Oil Rule v3_1.pdf

You may also find this playing-aid from our Rules & Playing Aids useful: Simple Oil track

What's new in 3.1:

  • France's land cost drops to a 3
  • Adjusted the cost of doing super/O-point combined actions, based on WIF-list feedback
  • Cleaned up some of the wording based on Kevin's suggestions
  • Adjusted the margins and increased the font size

What's new in 3.0:

  • updated the rule to make it compatible with AfA option 14 (Synth oil plants + 1bp/depot). There are now essentially two ways to play this rule:
    • With option 14: MPs may build synth oil plants, saved-oil markers cost 1bp to place on the map, and neutral MPs may save as much oil as they like. This is now the recommended way to play this rule.
    • Without option 14: No synth-oil plants, saved-oil markers are free to place on the map, and neutral MPs are restricted to saving 1 oil/turn.
  • clarified the oil costs for doing an offensive-chit super-combined or an O-point multi-action.
  • removed the no-penalty for having insufficient oil
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