Rules & Playing Aids

Official Rules

The latest official rules for WIF can be downloaded from ADG's website here.

However, David Martin has published a wonderful PDF version that includes all the pictures and charts, as well as the latest official 2d10 CRT.
Download latest rules (with graphics).

Semi-official rules

A lot of groups (including ours) play a special optional set of rules for Vichy France known as LOC Vichy. These rules were published in ADG's Lines Of Communications newsletter but were never incorporated into the official rule set. Nevertheless, these rules are a very popular addition to WIF and are used by many groups (it is not uncommon to see it played at WIFCon).

The latest version of the LOC vichy rules can be downloaded at

Playing Aids

Here are some of the playing aids that we've put together to help supplement your WIF experience.

  • These are some weather cards that I put together a few years ago to put on the map to help remember the weather situation. The chosen photos are hardly ideal but the colours seem to work. For best results, print on a glossy paper. Download WIF weather cards.pdf.
  • We use these for our production sheets: Download WIF playsheet.pdf.
  • For some reason, our pilot markers always seem to get bumped. The suddenly, noone can remember if the USA had 4 pilots or 14 pilots. To solve this problem, I created an Extra Big pilot track. Now, only the shaking of the heavens (or small children / pets) will disturb your trusty pilot track. If you're wondering why you get two tracks, it's because our group uses separate Axis and Allied production circles.
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