Peacekeeper Sneakiness

How it works

  • Japanese "Peacekeepers" interfering in Persia
  • German "Peacekeepers" interfering in Rumania, Finland, etc.

Why it's an exploit

Peacekeepers are a bizarre WIFism (it's not present in Days of Decision— the political add-on kit that covers the war from 36-39). The word "peacekeeper" does not show up anywhere in the rules. Nevertheless, WIF players often use the term to describe the rule oddity that allows active Major Powers to send units into an aligned minor even if they're not at war with anyone the minor is at war with. They can't attack but they can certainly get in the way and defend themselves— hence the term "Peacekeeper".

This, despite the fact that modern peacekeeping wasn't invented until the 1960s and nobody has ever sent a 200 000-strong force of peacekeepers anywhere in the history of mankind.

Interestingly, the only major power that really gets screwed with peacekeepers is Russia since they spend the first part of the game neutral and thus not at war with any of the active major powers that could interfere in their border wars.

How can it be fixed?

DOD has the concept of "directing" a minor which covers this case well. However, merging in DOD rules may be a bit cumbersome if this is the only thing you're trying to fix.

Probably the easiest fix is something along the lines of:

  • land and air units controlled by a major power cannot enter an aligned minor (exception: units controlled by the minor are exempted, obviously) unless the major power is at war with at least one major power at war with the minor.

Some have argued that the "peacekeeper" rule is intentional and is designed to represent the aid and volunteers sent to Finland during the winter war, for example. This is problematic for two reasons:

  1. the number of volunteers isn't even enough to fill a WIF division, let alone the several corps and thousands of aircraft that a normal "peacekeeping" venture in Finland might entail.
  2. the aid is much better represented by the Germans adding the Finns to their force pool and trying to build them out.
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