Pablo's Combat Table Of Doom!

Combined arms = victory!

This table has been several games in development and is an interesting alternative to the 2d10 CRT in WIF. The primary focus of this chart is an emphasis on combined arms and force composition. The 2d10 CRT was a vast improvement over the 1d10 in RAW but was a little too one-dimensional in my opinion. It is too focused on concentrating armour and mechanized forces. It also suffers from some scaling issues. The more units that provide bonuses, the more overwhelming the attack becomes. So bigger attacks are better than smaller attacks regardless of the force ratio.

Pablo's Combat Table of Doom attempts to resolve this by spreading the bonuses out across many types of units. Almost every type of unit now has a purpose. Paratroopers, motorized inf, mountain units, offensive ground support, even the 6bp self-propelled guns all have their own specialized bonuses. This is balanced by the fact that most bonuses can only be received once.

Generally speaking, blitzes are a little bit weaker. However, note that blitzes on a small front can actually be a bit stronger than the 2d10 CRT if you have the right unit composition (think busting into France).

If you're wondering where the colourful name comes from, it has gone through several iterations. Originally, the table was called the "Combat Multipliers CRT" but this was a poor and clunky name. It was renamed to "Rejean's Combat table of Doom" so that Rejean (the one player who was somewhat opposed to it being included in our games) would vote for it. Rejean has since stopped playing regularly in our games so we've renamed it to "Pablo's Combat table of Doom" to properly credit the author.

Download it here: Pablo's Combat Table of Doom.pdf

Update: After seeing what this CRT can do to Russia and China, I have significantly reworked this table. My biggest mistake was giving the combined arms bonuses for assaults. Also, many of the misc. bonuses (such as the WP bonus or the artillery bonus) were theoretically canceled by equivalent defensive modifiers but, in practice, this turned out to hardly ever be true since the attacker pretty much always chooses the point of attack. Effectively, this table was often +2 or +3 over RAW 2d10 for a typical attack which made it devastatingly effective. Version 3 of this table has been completely refocused on combined arms for blitz attacks. Assaults are now just like RAW (i.e. bloody, slug-fests). Many of the original bonuses have been deleted and the table is now simpler (with bigger font!).

Accordingly, I have moved this rule from the "Highly recommended" list to the "Experimental" list of house rules.

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