Other Wif Sites

There are lots of great WIF sites throughout the Internet.

  • Australian Design Group - the official site of the makers of WIF. Buy your copy here or from your local game store.
  • French World in Flames page - despite its name, it's not actually in French. Although it does provide French versions of the rules. It also is a rich resource of useful downloads: counter lists, playing aids, game reports, and a complete archive of all the rules evolutions in WIF.
  • John Schodt Pederson's website - is a wonderful site that contains a graphical counter list. Pictures of all the counters sorted by force pool and year. Very useful.
  • Dave's castle: the WIF Smithy - home of World in Flames "Super Deluxe". A collection of interesting house rules designed to inject some additional realism into WIF at the cost of some extra complexity.
  • WIF: Historical - home of Devin Cutler's magnum opus, WIFH is a complete set of house rules designed to give WIF a much more historical feel. The Axis are weaker and the US is a true powerhouse so don't expect to conquer the world. However, Devin's new victory conditions give you every reason to shoot for it and then hold on as long as possible. Also part of WIFH is "Chorus of Nations" which overlays a rich political system on top of WIF. Definitely worth a read.
  • WIF discussion - http://games.groups.yahoo.com/group/wifdiscussion/ - the place to be to discuss WIF and all its variants.

If your site isn't in the list above, feel free to contact me (pablonius28) through the WIF discussion list (just send me a message).

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