Misc Minor House Rules

The following rules are a set of minor house rules that we include in most of our games.

Removing aircraft

If an aircraft removed from the map during the reinforcement step is not in a home country city, the aircraft unit is destroyed, but the pilot is recovered.


The air-to-air combat system in WIF has a funny loss profile. In particular, you tend to lose your good FTRs but your bad bombers (this has to do with how players tend to line up their planes). Especially, in the late game, you tend to have lot of trashy fighters still hanging around while the rest of your air force has been modernized through attrition. This rule lets you abandon those trashy fighters without having to waste air missions— at the cost of giving up the plane (think it fell apart or was cannibalized for parts).

Update: The 2008 Annual contains a similar optional rule that effectively obsoletes this one. As for the loss-profile problem mentioned in the rationale, a better way to solve this problem is with the Dogfighting rule.

Defensive shore bombardment variant

Defensive shore bombardment can only be used to double units that invaded on their previous impulse.


Defensive Shore Bombardment in RAW is totally ludicrous. The allies become nearly invincible along the coast as they are able to easily coordinate defensive fire from their offshore fleets 100s of kms inland. However, post-invasion DSB is certainly justifiable. Think of it as being available to defend the beachhead.

Night mission restrictions

We only allow night missions for strategic bombing, paradrop, and air transport missions.


Although the Russians did attempt some (ineffective) tactical night missions, they never performed it on a scale that would be justifiable under WIF. However, there are plenty of examples of the above mentioned missions being performed at night.

Destroying your own units

During the reinforcement step, you may destroy any on-map unit and return it to your force pools.


If you play with isolated reorganization, this rule is almost a necessity. Even without it, there are plenty of cheesy situations that are difficult to justify. "Oops, your HQ is flipped and out-of-supply and trapped in my home country? I think I'll decline to dispatch it— tee-hee". Ridiculous. Why can't you disband your own units anyway?

Enemy units in your home country

To get the +0.25 PM bonus for enemy units in your home country (or the +1bp from FiF: option 6), they no longer need to be in-supply.


This is a rule to deal with The "Oops, I'm out of supply" Exploit. If you play with this rule, you should definitely play with Destroying your own units.

The Allied Advantage

Germany's required victory total drops from 10 to 8. Japan's required victory total drops from 5 to 4.
Increase Russia's by 1 and the USA's by 2.


Most of our house-rules trend pro-Allied and anti-German. This makes sense because most of our house rules are designed to ratchet up the realism, which tends to favour the allies. WIF was designed to be fun for the Axis and the victory conditions reflect that. If you play with too many of our tweaks, you should strongly consider dropping in this rule or Germany will keep going for negative bids.

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