Liberating Your Future Homeland

How it works

  • Have Italy liberate one of the Baltics. It will become an aligned minor for Italy.
  • Should Italy be conquered, they have the option of moving their capital to this country and fighting on.

Why it's an exploit

This one is more bizarre than anything else and really isn't that effective. It's primary use is to keep Italy in the game in an all-out Barb. In the all-out Barb scenario, Italy spends a significant chunk of its production on bombers, fighters, & HQs to assist in the attack on Russia. This often leaves Italy vulnerable and risks having Italy knocked out and conquered early. By liberating a minor that is close to Germany and not normally reachable by the Western Allies, it virtually guarantees that Italy won't be completely conquered until Russia takes back the Baltics.

It's very odd that a liberated minor can keep a country in the game. One assumes that these minors are devastated by their conquest and need to be rebuilt (after all, you only get half their force pool back and YOU need to build it). But for some reason, all of a sudden, they can provide unlimited supplies for your major power … hmmm.

How can it be fixed?

Probably the easiest solution is to disallow moving your capital to any minor that wasn't aligned at the beginning of the game.

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