Incorporating Factory-in-Flames counters into regular WIF

You've read the review of Factory-in-Flames and you agree that it's not worth the effort. So what to do with all these extra Factory-in-Flames counters? Just try the following experimental house rules and virtually none of your shiny new counters will go to waste. Hurrah!


Shipyards may be produced just like factories. When a shipyard arrives, place it in a major port in your home country (the Canadian escort shipyard goes in Canada). Shipyards provide 1 free BP for the unit-type they support. These free BP cannot be saved if they are not spent. Note that there is no longer a requirement that you must spend at least one other BP to use a shipyard. When units of the type produced by the shipyard arrive on the map during the reinforcement step, at least one of the new units must be placed on the shipyard. If an enemy land unit occupies the shipyard's hex, the shipyard is automatically destroyed; it may not otherwise be damaged. A shipyard begins a scenario on the map if it is dated a year (or more) earlier than when the scenario begins. The Canadian shipyard can provide bp for non-Canadian escorts and British escorts may arrive at the Canadian shipyard.

Production multiples

The new FactiF production multiples are okay in the sense that they are a great replacement for the +0.25s for enemy-in-home-country and enemy-attacks-in-home-country. However, the replacement for the city bonuses is still pretty much Hitler's War (AKA "Hitler Wins"). To rectify this, simply add 0.25 for 1943 (only) to bring Russia's production in line with everyone else.

Updated: Our group has since soured on the FactiF production multiples. For now, I would suggest sticking to Stalin's War.

Factory specialization counters

Factory specialization markers are produced just like factory markers. When they arrive, simply set them aside (like offensive chits or intelligence points). During the production step, you may choose the unit you produce instead of picking randomly for each specialization marker (of the same type) returned to your force pool. You must still pay for the unit, the specialization marker only lets you select the unit non-randomly.


Although flak are "guns", don't include them when picking your starting guns for a scenario.

Coastal fortifications

In addition to the capabilities described in the annual, coastal forts also gain the ability to determine the combat table if all attacking units are invading (similar to the fort capability). Rationale: one of the most game-changing units in the new kits are the mechanized invasion units that let the Axis easily blitz island hexes that used to be quite hard to capture (e.g. Malta, Scapa Flow). Augmenting the coastal fort abilities gives a cheap counter to these overpowered new units. Note that a smart Axis player will notice that using paratroopers will still allow them to blitz the coastal fort— assuming they can get by the fighter cover…

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