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Welcome to Capital WIF. We are a group of gamers who play Australian Design Group's World In Flames (or "WIF" for short). We are based in our nation's capital of Ottawa, Canada. There are currently 4 of us who play regularly but we are always looking for new players to expand our little cult.

Currently, we meet every Friday (and sometimes on Sundays) to dominate the world for Facism, Communism, or Democracy (take your pick). You can see our game reports and check out some of our innovative house rules. We've also got plenty of information on the official rules, links to other WIF sites, and even a catalog of well-known gambits and exploits to look out for in future games.

Our group is generally well represented at the annual WIFCon in Lansing, Michigan. In fact, we are proud to include in our alumni, the infamous Grossadmiral Rader (who is personally responsible for some of the more innovative exploits attempted at WIFCon).

If you would like to contribute to this website, it is a wiki so feel free to join.

Enjoy your stay and happy WIFing.

— Pablonius


Thank you very much for all the positive comments. Several of you have mentioned that the comments modules were not working properly. This has now been fixed (you still have to be a member of wikidot but you don't have to be a member of this site in particular). Also, Ken Clark was kind enough to send me the link for the LOC vichy rules.

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